January 4, 2018

Which celebrity will be the face of 'Hollyweed'?

In 2018, the Golden State of California has been riven a green light to sell weed. So which star is more likely to front the campaign? […]
January 5, 2018

Golden Globes: Who will win and who should?

The Golden Globes are just around the corner, mixing TV and film, splitting drama and comedy in an unpredictable outcome. Source: entertainment
January 5, 2018

NY's Met to charge entry fee for non-New Yorkers

For the first time in 50 years, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is to start charging visitors for admission. Source: entertainment
January 5, 2018

Star Trek and Grace Under Fire actor dies at 33

Actor and musician Jon Paul Steuer, who rose to fame as a child star playing Alexander Rozhenko in Star Trek, has died aged 33. Source: entertainment