January 30, 2018

McGowan memoir details Harvey Weinstein's 'rape'

Actress Rose McGowan has described for the first time how she was allegedly sexually assaulted by film producer Harvey Weinstein. Source: world
January 30, 2018

New dinosaur discovered beneath the Sahara

The last days of the dinosaurs in Africa has been a mystery for scientists, where the fossil record covering the Late Cretaceous period – the period […]
January 30, 2018

Seaplane took 'inexplicable' turn before crash

A seaplane that crashed near Sydney killing five Britons had taken a “totally inexplicable” turn, the aircraft’s operator has said. Source: world
January 31, 2018

Three dead after helicopter crash in California

Three people have been killed in southern California after a helicopter crashed into a house shortly after taking off. Source: world